Monday, October 3, 2011

Back in Time

Hello all.  Sometimes I move so fast that I pass myself up and forget where I was.  Does that sound like you, right now, as well? 

They are saying that time is speeding up.  I resonate with that.  For the past year now I have found myself saying over and over "there just isn't enough time in the day".... it seems as if I wake up and before you know it the day has passed and it's 11 pm and I can't seem to focus anymore.   And, then it's saturday morning again and I wonder what I did with the week.  Some people are organized enough to have made schedules for themselves... tickers if you might call it that, to make sure that they have accomplished all that they set out to do for that week.  That has never worked for me. I have always been fluid - going with the moment - sometimes to my detriment because things don't get done that were imporant. 

In the movement of time speeding up, there is also the need to stop, slow down and look around you sometimes.  Notice what you notice.  Notice what has changed with your relationships.  Notice what has changed in the way that you do things, relate to things.  It's time to pay attention, especially now with the veils being thinner between the dimensions.  The star nations beings are zipping in and out of portals so fast that we are not even aware of their activities.  Very often that is not a good thing...... especially when they are causing trouble and the portals need to be closed off to keep them out, as happened last week. 

In these inbetween times it is imporant to remember shielding and self-defense techniques.  Don't become so complacent in your beliefs that you are so powerful that you are beyond approach.  This is when you get knocked off kilter and it's often harder to gain your balance. 

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