Monday, October 25, 2010

EmoTrance Seminar, Nov. 13-16 Dallas Texas area

contact: Patricia DancingElk at
event: Its-About-Energy EmoTrance Seminar
where: Holiday Inn Express DFW North

Heal relationships
Remove stress
Remove fear
Remove panic attacks
Help you achieve your goals and dreams
Resolve/repair emotional trauma
Renew confidence

Elegant Fast Extremely Simple Beautiful Powerful Profound

EmoTrance is about Emotional Transformation. When approaching an emotional problem, the client is asked ‘where do you feel that in your body?’ Both people start to work together on healing this energetic injury immediately using EmoTrance. Change is immediate and felt directly in the body and emotions. No guesswork. No need to talk about the problem. No maps. No charts. No 10 step processes. Client knows when the job is done. It simple, natural, logical and it works.

No special talents needed, except being human. Everyone is welcome and can learn this simple process and technique. Learn to heal yourself, your friends, family and clients. Change your thinking, improve performance, build self esteem, safely drop your shields and reconnect with people and life. Make lasting change. Rediscover the REAL you. Feel the energies of life flowing through you.

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