Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Teleconference!

FREE teleconferences
bi-monthly Mondays at 7 pm US Central Standard Time (UTC/GMT -5 hours)
Pre-registration is required to participate
The Procedure is simple:
·     Pre-register by emailing 
  • Between 5 and 10 minutes before the teleconference call (805) 360-1000
  • Callers will not be accepted after 7:02 pm
  • At the prompt enter bridge number: 1032301#   (Even though our calls are free to you, your local long distance charges may still apply)
The next calls are scheduled for:

  •  October 25th
  • November  8th, & 22nd
  • December 6th & 20th
In these public teleconferencing calls we answer your questions and share knowledge to guide you in restoring the even flow, increasing your capacity to process emotional energy, teaching you how to use energy nutrition to enrich your daily life and giving you the tools to deal with life's everyday stresses.  Be prepared for change, and to grow in wondrous new ways when you join us.

For those people who are unable to travel to the meetings or whose schedules not allow time off for workshops and meeting, the Teleconference will be of fantastic assistance. 

 Once you have shared the call, asked your questions and heard amazing new concepts and ideas you can return to the web site later in the week and download the archived recording of the call.

 As the teleconferences grow you will be able to enjoy the library of teleconferencing calls as often as you wish and discover how this incredibly simple practice is creating change all over the world! 

As a note, the Teleconferences, healing circles and meetups are great introductions to EmoTrance and can be great assistance in getting some relief and for working on everyday stresses.   When you are ready to do some serious/concentrated work on your emotional body, please consider contacting one of the trained/certified EmoTrance Practitioners or signing up to attend one of the workshops to learn EmoTrance on a professional level. 

 Additional Instructions:
 Participant Feature Keys
*3 Exit - Takes the individual user out of the conference call and back into the lobby.
*4 Instructions - Plays a menu of touch tone commands.
*6 Mute/Unmute - Pressing *6 will mute the line of the individual caller. By pressing *6 again it will un-mute the line.

EmoTrance Seminar, Nov. 13-16 Dallas Texas area

contact: Patricia DancingElk at
event: Its-About-Energy EmoTrance Seminar
where: Holiday Inn Express DFW North

Heal relationships
Remove stress
Remove fear
Remove panic attacks
Help you achieve your goals and dreams
Resolve/repair emotional trauma
Renew confidence

Elegant Fast Extremely Simple Beautiful Powerful Profound

EmoTrance is about Emotional Transformation. When approaching an emotional problem, the client is asked ‘where do you feel that in your body?’ Both people start to work together on healing this energetic injury immediately using EmoTrance. Change is immediate and felt directly in the body and emotions. No guesswork. No need to talk about the problem. No maps. No charts. No 10 step processes. Client knows when the job is done. It simple, natural, logical and it works.

No special talents needed, except being human. Everyone is welcome and can learn this simple process and technique. Learn to heal yourself, your friends, family and clients. Change your thinking, improve performance, build self esteem, safely drop your shields and reconnect with people and life. Make lasting change. Rediscover the REAL you. Feel the energies of life flowing through you.

Welcome to Its-About-Energy

Hello, my name is Patricia DancingElk.  I Work primarily through feminine energies combining ancient knowledge with contemporary therapies to assist you in identifying and clearing those areas of your life that keep you "stuck," holding you in patterns of fear, anger, insecurity, illness, addiction, poor relationships and all those other bothersome roadblocks on the way to healing and enlightenment.
I am an Advanced Practitioner and Trainer of EmoTrance among other things.  EmoTrance was developed primarily by Dr Silvia Hartmann and her research team between 1993 and 2002. EmoTrance is about Emotional Transformation.  It changes everything within you - changes your ability to solve problems, reduce and eliminate stress, improve joy and confidence, and restore health. It is so profound that those applying the simple protocol are getting results that some call miraculous: healing traumas, reversal of devastating financial loss, restoration of love in relationships, and turning health hardships into health vibrancy just to mention a few.   To find out more, go to